Today was a great day.

We booked the trip for my bachelor party. I’m really looking forward to that trip. My best friends and I hanging out in Dominican Republic. It’s going to be amazing.

Once again, I need to reiterate how important it is to have good friends. It’s great to have people that I can turn to for advice. For counsel.

Most of them are a year or two older than me. We are all going through the same things. There will be seven of us on the trip.

I talk to these guys every day.

We talk about starting a business often. Something we can all contribute to. We still haven’t done it yet. Maybe we will. We’ll see. It was hard enough to get the trip booked. We kept putting it off. Then it took one of us to look it up. Make a call. Then we were all booking within a few hours.

Of course, there was some research that took up a bit of time initially. In any case, we needed that one person to take the lead. I’m glad he did it. I really appreciate it.

It wasn’t hard. It didn’t take long. He simply looked online. Found the best deal. Made a call. Told us. We booked. Done.

I’m trying to be the one friend out of my group that becomes the first person to start a business and make it a success. From what I know, I’m the first one of us that has taken significant strides to start something of my own.

I write better when I’m angry. I’ve been sitting here writing for a little while now and the words simply aren’t coming to me. Whenever I write upset or angry I tend to just spill the words out. Those are usually the posts that get the most compliments.

What am I angry about?

I’m not angry. I’m freaking excited. Maybe I’m angry it took so long. It took us so long to book a flight. The trip. It took me too long to start my own business.

What else is taking too long?

Maybe it’s taking us too long to start a business. Why don’t we do it?

Today, while playing basketball some guy got mad when he lost. He said some stuff that made the few of us that were there look at each other like “How can someone be saying this?”

I’m not saying we are the smartest group of guys. Not even close. However, I still think we are smart bunch.

At the same time, I don’t think it’s about being smart. It’s about taking that leap of faith. It’s about being brave. It’s about actually starting something. One of us needs to take the lead. Just like today when one of us made the call for the trip. Right afterwards we were saying how much we needed someone to do that.

I think about why I am starting my business. It has something to do with this. I want to be the one to take the lead. I figure if I can be half successful in this endeavour then soon we can do something together.

When I use the Headspace app to meditate I am often reminded to think about the reason for meditating. Who I am meditating for. I always think it is for Eliz, for my family, and my friends.

I want to be a better me. The best version of Mehmet. I need to improve myself constantly. I want to be a better friend. If I can learn some things about starting my own business then I can share it with loved ones.

I used to want to do it for money. It’s still a part of it. I want the freedom only money offers. However, what am I going to do with all that money if I don’t have anyone to share it with?

Eliz and I have started looking at houses. The other day we saw one with a huge backyard. We both envisioned how we can have great backyard parties. The conversations we would have with our friends and family.

What’s the point of life? To be the richest? To own the biggest house? To have the nicest car? Why?

I don’t think any of that is the point. I think the point is the relationships I cultivate. The conversations I have with my loved ones. The trips I take with them.

Few years ago, Eliz and I went to Florida with our friends. We had a great time. I still think about that vacation from time to time. It brings me joy. The experiences. The stories. The moments. The haunted hotel. Nothing I’ve bought brings me that much excitement. My car cost a lot more than that trip but it doesn’t bring me joy. It’s a headache. Always needs something. Gas. Brake light goes out. Oil change. I slide into a curb and need a new rim. It’s always something.

Experiences with my loved ones are a better place to spend money. When we all have that money then we can enjoy it together. That’s my hope. My dream. I don’t know if others feel the same way. Maybe they do. We’ll see how everything turns out.

I always mention that my goal is to free my time. Therefore, I need the time to truly cultivate these relationships. These things take time. I believe working on this is well worth my time.

I’ve been having great days lately. It’s been busy. Selling a house is a lot of work. Buying a house takes up a lot of time. Searching. House seeing. It takes time.

The thing is, I think Eliz and I are going about it in a way that may be different than others. We want a place with a spare bedroom so we can have overnight guests. We want a place to make our home. We want to share our home with our loved ones. We’re overwhelmed but we’re enjoying it. At times when I get frustrated I tell myself “Option 2”. I’m back to enjoying the moment. I guess even writing these posts has become a sort of meditation or therapy.

I’m looking forward to my future. My future with Eliz and Niko. My future with my family. My future with my friends. The future looks very bright. It feels amazing.


Author: Mehmet Akcagliyan

I am the Master of my Fate. I am the Captain of my Soul.

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