My routine has gone out the window. In the past few months, we’ve gone through so many changes it’s hard to keep track.

In March, we began preparing the sale of the house. A lot goes into that process. Clean up. Painting. Fixing the lighting. Getting the house in tip top shape for the buyers. Once we decided to sell, simultaneously, we began searching for a house. That also takes up a lot of time. Research, going to look at places, putting in bids, losing, starting all over again.

That all finished near the end of April, I think. Then we moved out of the house at the end of April. For two months, my entire routine was gone. Then we Continue reading “Listen”


A Cold Shower

I never think of the Title first then start writing. I don’t know if this is the correct way to do things. I just begin writing, most of the time without a clue of where I’m headed. Usually, I’ll just pick the title afterwards based on something I’ve written.

I take cold showers now. I had read an article a few months back that mentioned the advantages of taking cold showers. So I began slowly making my showers colder. Now, I’m at a place where the entire time the water is cold. I still haven’t reached the capability of having only cold water on. Now, let’s be clear, cold water in Canada is different than cold water in Dubai.

In my trip to Dubai I only ever had the cold water running and I could’ve been in the water for hours. Then I came back to Canada, a brave soul. I tried it here and was quickly reminded how cold a Canadian shower can get.

My mornings are becoming more of a routine and it starts with journaling. Then gym. Sauna. Finished off with a cold shower. I try to read aloud my goals to myself too. And I definitely need to start working meditation back into the routine. Nonetheless, whenever I follow this routine I am notably more productive. Also, I feel significantly more energetic.

Maybe it’s the cold shower that does it. Trust me, after a 20 minute sauna, a cold shower will give anyone energy.

I told myself to try new things, and this is definitely one that has been paying off. I thought, taking cold showers is great and then I came across a name, Wim Hof.

This guy is incredible, he basically says he can control his immune system. He ran a full marathon in -20 degree Celsius wearing shorts and did the same in the desert without food or water.

I want to be able to do that some day. I know everyone says stuff like this but once I achieve financial freedom and have the ability to retire this is the kind of stuff I want to get into.

Hof says it’s all about meditation. That’s it. We all have the tools within us to be able to achieve such tremendous heights. Yet, we waste it away. We don’t think about the time we are wasting every day on incredibly frivolous things. These are the types of things I am striving to do once I reach my financial freedom.

I was able to slowly build up my cold water tolerance to a place that I’m quite proud of right now. It just took a few seconds here, a minute there during my regular showers to be able to achieve it. This is how I envision myself becoming successful in my career and in my online store.

Day by day. Slowly pushing myself to get better each day. Constantly pushing myself. An hour, 10 minutes, the entire morning, whatever it is. Simply getting better. That’s the goal. I believe the 9-5 is an extremely outdated system. How is it that I can do all my work from my laptop, anywhere there is Wifi, yet I have to go into an office from 9-5? How could it be that someone extremely efficient still has to work the same number of hours as someone that is idle?

Well, luckily, I don’t have to go to an office. This doesn’t mean I sit around and don’t get any work done. On the contrary, I’ll argue that I get more done working from home. There are fewer distractions here as long as I create a space to work from.

I can put on some music and just do what I need to get done. I can knock out so much work in 1-2 hour intervals and take breaks in between. Go for a walk with Niko or make myself something to eat. It serves a purpose. If I sit and try to work all day then I’d get less then. Try it yourself if you can. Interval working.

The emphasis is to always be productive and move forward. I really am beginning to understand that our time here is limited and I want to enjoy it all. At the same time I am beginning to understand what gives me true joy.

What brings me enjoyment? Well, knowing that I am able to transform myself. Knowing that I am bettering myself each day. Knowing that I am continually looking to improve and now I finally know how. Books.

Before smartphones I used to go to bathroom and sit there and think. I remember as a teenager I always used to ask myself how I can improve upon myself. What could I do to be a better basketball player? What could I do to be a better friend? What could I do to be a better person?

I would sit there and ponder these questions and hope to find answers in my own mind. I guess even that was a form of meditation. Sometimes I would find those answers within myself.

Not like in books though. Now, I read books written by people that have studied brilliant minds. I read letters written by Seneca. I read autobiographies of wealthy people. I read about 7 habits that are sure to make anyone more effective.

Books have the answers. Learning from someones experiences is the fastest way to growth. Reading makes me think unlike watching a movie. Oftentimes I face situations and just think what would Tim Ferris do? How would Stephen Convey react? How would Wim Hof handle this challenge?

Reading books has helped me finally answer those questions I used to ask myself while sitting on the toilet as a teenager. Each day I’m getting better. Each day I’m pushing forward, even if it is ever so slowly. Doesn’t matter because I’m proud of myself. I’m proud of my goals. I feel as though I am reinventing myself like a snake shedding off his old skin. It’s all thanks to books.